Let me get revenge on my loveed bf by loveing you Katie4329



I literally give my boyfriend everything he wants, and my energy is not matched at all. My needs aren't being met, but he finds time to flirt with other women. The last straw was last night, while he was watching p*n and I was taking care of him, he refused to do anything for me at all while messaging a girl he's always wanted to hook up with about a threesome. While they talked about me, they never talked to me. I want my own girl that wants me back!! And I want him to feel the rejection he's been putting me through. I can't wait for him to try to get me to take care of him but I can't because I'm busy having a real org*s, or giving my partner one. Or twenty. I e got a very high s* drive and I will do anything for my partner. this will be my first ever one night stand, but I honestly believe that I will be more satisfied and happy than he ever made me. And I am very generous and selfless, it will be worth it!!

Cincinnati 2022-06-16 03:56:25
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