looking close to the Franklin Furnance Ohio area im open to most havent really explored my wild side but i would like to id loke to meet a couple or a nice lady to hookup with be friends and see from there just how it goes to alot id like a lady o leelee1212



I really do wanna meet a lady more than anything OK I miss being with a lady and I miss just being around a cool.lady I seem to get along with them well better then I get along with anyone I do believe but I do hope she's open and has a good heart and open mind and is willing to chill maybe get together for some extra fun some time when we all are free I'm open to all OK I'm looking for a couple or a nice lady to be good friends with and possibly more but a lady with a lil kinky side to her I find might be best I do like me ladies so I'm not closed up to having a ltr relationship with a lady still today or even a couple I wouldn't mind me a guy and a beautiful lady set up house and live as if were one family no jealous crap no bs just work share cook eat take care one another and explore the s*ual desires of my past I guess I'd still want to experience this with a couple man.girl two men man and woman and me of course OK so see I just wanna get some freaky deaky stuff going on and keep it between us always and if possible on note than one occasion let's have fun

Franklin Furnace 2021-10-12 17:42:00
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