Looking for a longterm playmate Stickshady



Looking for a long term playmate. 18-33. I'm 43 6'2" 226 lbs of irresistible dad bod lol. I have a very high s* drive not a one pump chump I get off on getting my partner off preferably multiple times for a long time. I enjoy a good pair of thigh muffs. Thic thighs save lives will you come save mine. Message me I can't see likes. Not just looking for hook up though would also like friendship as well. Nothing better than Netflix and chill and cuddling that only leads into more naked wrestling. I am not a man, that doesn't mean I won't treat you well or love you just means I'm not looking to be someone's meal ticket. N e way hmu let's get to know one another inside and out 😉.

Wyoming 2021-05-04 21:12:13
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