questioning myself (need specific type) jericho031



hi. I'm going through alot rn but one thing I'm questioning is my s*uality. Im not going into details but long story short Im for someone who is willing to help me find out. I'm 5'11 205lbs shavened, partly chubby guy looking for another guy chubby guy who is willing to do some things for me. will explain more in DMs. no I don't send pics and this is just a very off handed request. I'm looking for someone 20-30 years who is decently sized, clean shaved, with a good sense of hygiene and is willing to do what I ask for an hour or two. . Ill only respond to those i find compatible to my tasting so if I don't respond it's nothing against anyone. shoot your shot I guess.

Franklin 2021-09-16 07:00:10
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