mechanical tech, exploring professional, looking for friendship, sexting, laughs, no strings attached, playfulness, adventurous, no drama, attention lil Evil



wanting to feel a body close to mine, sometimes you have to do this blind. reality hurts and people avoid the truth, I trust so much and take abuse. everyday could be positive and full of fun, nothing is worse than getting rejected by someone. time doesn't heal but gets you used to the pain, I need some laughs to have my 15 mins of Fame. I'm calling all girls I have no pick up skills, if you choose me to hangout with I'm pretty chill. been broken so many times and I know some can relate, looking for fun while I'll take me a break. into dirty talk, venting, listening to what you say, nothing can break me down anymore there is nothing you can play.

Emporia 2021-09-15 13:11:28
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