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Liking a particular type of pleasure is NOT exclusive to a sexual orientation. Being gay and liking an**l pleasures are completely independent of each other and never was mutually exclusive. Any women who are at this level of understanding are probably not afraid to return the favor if the mood strikes or if they themselves (like many) really enjoy doing it! Never do something if you truly aren't into it. I'm the type that can sense that, and if my partner just isn't getting any pleasure out of it, well, there's many things wrong with that. 1- it's not being done correctly 2- they're not being open minded or receptive, aka judgmental or ignorant cynical 3- you're definitely not with me (or at very least someone who knows what they're doing), when you tried new things because that just don't happen. But I'm always learning and open minded so I'll say that just hasn't happened for me yet. Call it good luck, or blind luck rather. Ask me about that later..... Seeking women who know what they like and just how to get it. My rule about toys is that we both have to be ok with them because of the possibility of both of us finding enjoyment from them. Things like that. Unrelated ? Music, dogs, sunsets, acceptance, unity, responsible health mindedness etc.

San Diego 2019-04-06 18:11:46
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